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BBC School Report

A team of Year 8 and 9 pupils have taken part in the 7th annual BBC School Report. They have been experiencing the real world of journalism and what it means to meet a deadline. The goal was to produce a full news report and webpage by 2pm all linked to the main BBC website. They beat the deadline with room to spare!

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Lollipop Lady Debate

Rise Park Primary and Nursery school have had their lollipop lady taken away from them due to the underground passage and the crossing. The past 5 years there had been a few incidents where a car has injured a child or in a serious case died because a selfish person wouldn’t slow down.

All this has happened due to the loss of the lollipop lady. The lollipop lady doesn’t just help you get across the road but they are lively people and the children think of them as a friendly face. They help children to gain confidence to cross the road safely. We spoke to some pupils from Big Wood School and they said that you can’t buy a child’s safety because the children are the future.


We also spoke to a community officer and she thought that the lollipop lady should be reinstated because of the safety of the children so that the accidents that have occurred do not happen again.

There is a underground passage but if you are a young child and you walk home from school and you use the underground passage they might feel intimidated to even look at the passage, this could happen by adults under 16 drinking and smoking and the child will be scared.

It is important that the lollipop lady should be reinstated because the crossing is right next to a bus depot. We spoke to a nearby bystander and he said that the roads have a speed limit but people don’t bother so that will result in accidents happening. A child alive is so much better than a child dead.

By Sam, BBC Reporters team

Bullying Report System

In this report I had an interview with a student and the VLE Coordinator called Mr Hunt. Bullying in schools appears in forms such as cyber and physical bullying. There are many of types of bullying but online bullying has come a big problem recently.

This online incident reporting system can help pupils by making them feel safe but also it helps teachers by making the bullying stop faster.

“It is a right to feel safe and secure in your working environment, whether that is at work or at school. To make pupils feel safe at school we have set up a new online incident reporting system, hopefully this will help keep our school a safe and fun place to be.”


“To help explain more about the online incident report system, I have Mr Hunt who helped set up this system here with me today.”

Hello Mr Hunt and thank you for your time. Can you explain to me what the online incident system is?
“Thank you, the online incident reporting system is something we set up for pupils to be able to report incidents that they feel need addressing such as bullying, racism, sexism etc.”

Where can pupils get help from?
“Well, pupils can get help from a variety of sources; first of, they can ask their tutors for help or other teachers but there is also the PLC, peer listening counsellors but this system is online to be used as well on staff and the PLC.”

Why don’t people ask for help?
“Some people may feel embarrassed about some issues and may think that if they report an issue they could get into trouble themselves but as this system is online, it can be done from any PC oe laptop in school and can be anonymous.”

Why did you set this up?
“The system was set up after I was approached by Mr Aldred to see if we could have something for pupils to report issues to online using our VLE, the Virtual Learning Environment.”

When did you set this up?
“The system was set up shortly before Christmas 2012.”

When will this be ready to use?
“The system is ready to use now but will be promoted for pupils to use after Easter.”

Who gets to see this?
“The information is totally confidential and only four people in the whole world can see it 1. The pupil reporting an incident 2. Mr. Aldred 3. Mr McGowan and 4. Mr Turner who works in the IEU, Internal Exclusion Unit. This is so that a member of staff knows that an incident has been reported and can act on it as soon as possible.”

How can you use the system?
“You can use the system by going on the Big Wood School VLE web page. This is the red web page that pupils see when they go onto the internet at school. They circle on incident reporting system and follow the online instruction.”

How do you think it will help both pupils and staff in school?
“We all want a safe secure and happy place to work in and if incidents are reported they can be sorted out quickly and more efficiently and people can get along better.”
If you do need any help on how to report an incident, you can go onto the Big Wood website and in the corner, it will say report abuse, then after clicking on that you can just type in your problem and the school can find the bully and we assure you that the bullying will be over.

By Jacob, Sam and Amelia

Online vs High Street

Over the past few years, we’ve become used to two types of shopping-online and in-store, but we still enjoy the benefits of both at the same time.

Online V’S High street is starting to become on over whelming issue, with a lot more people shopping online than just a few years ago.

Times are changing, however, as retailers adopt innovative technology, examples of innovative technology, Touch Mouse by Microsoft and Lady Gaga’s Polaroid Camera Glasses on the shop floor to enhance our shopping experience.


As it is much easier to shop online do people still go out and shop?
Online has become a big issue over items not being sent or being broken on the way to your house. Is the postage and packaging starting to get too expensive?
A lot of shops have closed down as the cause of online shopping such as Comet, Jessop’s and Blockbuster. This is a problem because people are losing their jobs for something that is out of their hands.

A local reporter asked customer about going out to shop, “It is much better to go out and shop then shopping online because you can pick yourself what you want out of the shelves and you always having a nice chat with another customer.”
We need to save our high street as still thousands of more people still go out and shop than shop online, but what will the future be online or high street.

Reported by Thomas and Thomas.

Red Nose Day

Another Red Nose day has passed yet again; staff and students at Big Wood School did something ‘funny for money’ and raised an amazing £956.08 for charity.
The money that has been raised goes to help poor people in poor countries. Comic Relief money has been at work in over 70 countries around the world since it began in 1985.

Staff and pupils at school paid £1 to dress up in non-school uniform and fancy dress. The English, Art and Drama teachers dressed up like zombies for Red Nose day which was very funny to see but they played pranks on their classes.


This Red Nose day the country raised a massive £75,107,851. The teachers at Big Wood school sent out booklets with pictures of them from when they were children which cost 50p each, and if you can get the most teachers correct they win £10. It was really funny to see what the teachers looked like when they were children, if they did see those picture in the booklet they would probably be embarrassed.

Some teachers and students said “they would do anything you want to do to make people laugh.” Some students said that they, “enjoyed coming to school in non school uniform, because it was a change from school uniform”.

By Ben and Dylan

News not cool enough for Young People?

Most children around the country do not enjoy watching or reading the news because they think it’s boring.

The majority of children in Big Wood School do not watch or read the news, as it is seen to be boring or uncool. Now its 2013 and the nations children have become less interested in the news and more bothered about hanging out with their friends.

Here we have an interview with ex journalist, Cath Urquhart:

Why were you interested in journalism in the first place?


“I was interested in the news because the news is just like stories and everyone likes stories. I was also inspired to become journalist by one of my relatives, because of one of my family friends who was a journalist.”

When you were a journalist, did you ever think about children reading your reports?
“No, when I was in the news profession, I never really thought about what children thought about the news. Back when I was younger, there was a children’s section in the newspaper, but you don’t see that anymore.”

Do you think children ever take any interest in the news?
“I think children take more of an interest in stories that relate to them and that’s why Newsround works, but back when I was younger, the news was much more boring than it is now.”
Issues like; the economy, the government and business, children find boring and can’t relate to because they don’t have much knowledge of knowing about those areas, but these issues do affect the children, not just the parents, because financial issues can affect the whole families life. This is why programmes like, “Mock Of The Week”, “Russell Howard’s Good News” and “Newsround” are enjoyed by children because they involve the news, but with a small amount of humour and entertainment. This suggests that more children would watch/read the news if it was made more entertaining.

By Amelia.

Under 16s Bigwood Football Team

Under 16s Bigwood Football Team
The Big Wood boys under 16s football team got through to the cup final on Tuesday 19th March. To get there they had to train really hard and it paid off as they beat Top Valley in the semi final.

They won victoriously against Top Valley 1-0 and got through to the tremendous final after all their hard work. In the brutal final they had to play Bluecoat school that had got through to the nationals and were the last 8 in the country. We interviewed Mr Pitman the boys team manager/coach about the team and this is what he said.


Mr Pitman: “I manage the football team and we knew that Bluecoat was a very very strong team. Big Wood unfortunately lost 4-0 to Bluecoat. Allthough as a football manager I would say they had real good 3 or 4 chances where they might have scored…My lads played with amazing effort and they were incredibly courteous in defeat and they were a credit to the school they didn’t let us down in terms of behaviour.

I think our lads did us very proud. The boys were really pleased with their performance with the fact that they had played against a national team. We were runners up in the city we got silver medals…There were so many good performances that we actually had three men of the match. Joe in midfield made a fantastic performance, Rhys in the back four did a sterling job with the attackers and Jaquil was outstanding in goal. And those three guys made sure that we only lost by 4 goals”

This was the boys last game playing for Big Wood School, we congratulate them for coming second and we wish them good luck for the future.

Report by Dayleigh and Lauren

Disabled in Sport

After a record breaking summer of Paralympics sport, you would think that more disabled people would be encouraged to get involved in different activities but do disabled people get enough access to sport?

About 4.1 million tickets were sold at the 2012 London Olympics and many people thought that the enthusiasm shown would improve how disabled people found it to access sport but research has shown that 9 in 10 sports clubs has shown no improvement in the number of disabled people joining since. However, 25% of the clubs claim that they haven’t received enough funding from the government to help them develop their clubs so that sport is easy to access for people with disabilities.


Here is quote from a girl who lives in London, England; “I was born without an arm. I had to learn to be left-handed and it has had an effect on my sports. I can’t play basketball and a range of different sports because of my disability”.

This is unfair because a child should be able to take part in sport at school as it is a key part of their childhood and them not having access to it stops the child from having fun in sporting activities and it makes them feel left out. Also, sport makes children feel part of the team and it helps them cope with their disabilities as they do not feel any different from the other children. A charity called ‘whiz kid’ visited 10 Downing Street to ask the government to make key changes and that is something to look forward to in the future.

Here is a quote from a little girl who lives in Berkshire, England; ‘I am 7 and I have cerebral palsy and I use a wheelchair. I find it hard to join in with sports at school but I’d like to do more. The Paralympics inspired me and I started swimming lessons and two weeks ago I swam on my own for the first time.’

That is a dramatic improvement and it was because the little girl was encouraged and received that access to sport however some people aren’t as lucky. This means that, some improvements are still to be made as not everybody in Britain has full access to sport if they are disabled as the government are not making enough change. I would like to see the government support more funding in different parts of Britain to encourage more disabled people to take part in sport as it is essential.


Doping in Sport

Doping in sports is when an athlete uses performance-enhancing drugs in sport, this is wrong because the athletes are cheating and if they win it is not fair on the people who actually made the time and effort to compete to the best of their ability without using drugs. There are five types of doping that are illegal in sports. These are stimulants, anabolic steroids, Diuretics, Narcotic analgesics and Peptides/ hormones.

One of the most recent and high profile cases has been that of the cyclist Lance Armstrong who has now confessed to doping when he was at his peak and has been stripped of his seven Tour de France victories. What do you think of this situation? We asked this very same question to Miss Watson a P.E teacher at Big Wood School.


Miss Watson, our PE teacher says, “I think that people should be caught for doping its cheating and it’s not fair on the other competitors. I think it’s a shame that Lance Armstrong doped, he was a positive role model in sport and it’s not fair on the people that came 2nd, 3rd and 4th. I think there should be random test for drug doping in random sports it’s a way to catch people so the competitions are fair. On a scale of 1-10 I think drug testing is 10 because it’s important that sport is fair because athletes are role models and should get their money for being fair”

Doping in sport is not acceptable, it is cheating and it is against the law. If you dope in sport you will be prosecuted and actions will take place. We think that doping in sport is wrong and if you do it you are not a true athlete. We think that every sportsman should be tested for doping because it isn’t fair on the person who loses to them.

By Lauren, Dayleigh and Enya

Mobile Phones in School

Mobile Phones in School?
Mobile phones are a topic that divides opinions; those who are for and those who are against mobile phone use in school.
There are many different uses for a mobile phone however some of them are not something that should be allowed in schools.

Many parents give their children mobile phones so they can have safety on the way to and from school or possibly if there was an accident there might be something that they might need to contact their parents about. Many children however use them for other reasons that are inappropriate such as: Taking pictures in lessons or texting.


So we interviewed the Head Teacher of Big Wood, Mrs Healey, to see what her thoughts were about mobile phones in school. She had many things to say about the subject and some of these were that: ‘Mobile phones are good in school for on the way home due to the fact that they could be used for safety of if there was an accident.’ However she also said, ‘that they can be used inappropriately due to the fact that they could be texting their friends in the lesson because they wanted to look “cool”.

We interviewed class member Ben and he thinks that mobile phones should be allowed at break and lunch but not allowed in lessons. He also said the he personally uses it for safety to and from school.

Mobile phones are good for safety in schools but due to the abuse caused by the owners themself and the phone this would cause a lot of tension in the classroom so if used inappropriately that is a very bad idea and could lead to trouble on confiscation of the phone.
By Daniel and Matthew.

Grafitti as Art

Graffiti Gets Going
Many people think Graffiti is a form of offense, used by gangs on public buildings. However putting aside how it is used, Graffiti can be considered as an actual art form, to show expressions and how people feel about topics. We spoke to Art teacher MrsCabourn to ask her thoughts on the subject. She said:

‘When it’s done well, it looks amazing. It can offend people and is bad when it is on a building. As far as I’m concerned, it is an art form. Americans and Europeans have become famous for their graffiti work, and have earned lots of money. It has got to have a place in the art world and it can be done in school’.


Mrs Cabourn also gave us the link to a website, made by a group of film makers who create stop motion animations with graffiti. It is called: Blu

This website has shown us that Graffiti can be used for much more creative reasons other than just being put onto a public wall, and an art teacher saying it can be considered an art form, means that it could very well be, as Mrs Cabourn is a professional.

The most famous graffiti artist in England based graffiti artist Banksy did street graffiti art, using dark humour and has even had major exhibitions made of his art work. He is also a film director, painter and has made the opening titles for the world’s longest running sitcom, The Simpsons. This all shows that graffiti is starting to be seen as a global art form, with various uses.

Gathering all the evidence we have, we have found that graffiti can be taken seriously as a proper art form, and used for more creative means and some people can even do it for a living. If it is used in the wrong way, either to offend people or ruin public places, then it is a bad idea. As far as all the evidence is concerned, graffiti is an art form.

By Harry and Daniel.

Las Vegas Water

Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world with many casinos and attractions. It also has a high use of water, so high it is starting to run out.

Las Vegas was built on the Nevada Desert, USA. A dam was built near the city in front of Lake Mead. It was called the Hoover Dam. This is the place Las Vegas gets its water from. However, this water supply is slowly going down. The water in Lake Mead has been evaporating over the years, and in an estimated 10 years, it will all disappear.


In Las Vegas, a lot of water is used, not just for basic activity, such as washing and drinking, but is also used for Swimming pools and air conditioning. Believe it or not, it is not the resorts that use the most water, it is the homes.

Around 2 million call Las Vegas home and around 199.5million gallons are used a day, and about 78 billion gallons are used a year, just to water grass. If they did not water the grass, that will save 50 million gallons.

One of the simple of the simple things people are doing to save water is to simply cut down on it. People should stop watering the grass so much and not waste any water in the home.

If people don’t start acting soon, Las Vegas water supply will run out sometime in the next decade.
By Harry and Dylan

World Records

World Book Day And A Record Attempt

On the 6th of February over 150 Year Seven classes took part in a world record attempt for world book day in Nottinghamshire.
This world record attempt was for multiple schools to write one sentence each in order to write a story. This was a story with a beginning started off with a theme of aliens being found within their parents. This helped create ideas for the children so they were creative.

The head of the Big Wood library Miss Moore read the start of the story to give the children ideas. The book was called ‘My parents are aliens’ and it was written by Matt Haig.


For a bit of fun all of the teachers were wearing badges that show a book and to win a prize students had to find out how wrote it by looking at other teaches badges. A matching game for reading!

World Book Day is giving the children a change to read to improve their reading and literacy skills. As of this during PHSE every student in Big Wood school had the opportunity to read any book or newspaper for a whole hour to inspire them.

Children all over the world take part in world book day and getting inspiration for their own writing.
Reported by Thomas and Thomas